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I wish I could remember more details, but I know the dream involved Tif being arrested for doing something she knew was wrong but thinking she wouldn't get caught. I was crying so hard, because I didn't want her to leave. Her sentence was for a year and a half, I believe. I remember someone telling me it'd probably get cut down to 9 months, though, if she behaved...

Then, I think, we were both arrested? We were on this ship with a bunch of other prisoners, being carted off to some island. That's all I recall of that dream, unfortunately. ;;

I remember a bit more of the second one. Some of my old high school friends and I had decided to open a restaurant. I think I was the hostess. I went to check on this party of five, and they told me they'd been there for half an hour already and no one had come to take their orders. I offered to do it, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even have a notepad to write on!

I took their orders down on a napkin, I think... or maybe I just tried my best to memorize their orders and then--YEAH, that's right. I tried to keep their orders in mind, then I ran off to grab a menu and copy down everything they ordered. I don't think I felt very confident, but I didn't want to seem like a fool and ask them to repeat their orders, so I just... wrote down what I could remember, lmao. :|;;

I took the order to the kitchen but didn't know who I was supposed to give the ticket to. Finally, someone told me to take it to Jung at the bar. When I gave it to her, though, she didn't know what to do with it. But I told the party (which had grown to a party of, like, ten) that their food was on the way, anyhow. B/a;; And also complained the manager that service was terrible and that nobody had checked on them, so I had to do it myself THE NERVE.

And that's all I remember! Now I sleep.
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