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Give it to me, baby.


To make this entry less useless, an update on my external hard drive...

The Geek Squad could do nothing for me, other than tell me they could send the drive to their headquarters, at which point someone would assess the damage and call me to give me an estimate that could range from $250 to $1500. LMAO.

I was using the trial version of a recovery program, which was able to find all of my files and folders but couldn't transfer them anywhere because... it was a trial version. I'm thinking of buying it and doing the recovery myself, but I'm going to try one other thing. My mom suggested giving the drive to the guys that run our network at work and seeing if they can do the recovery, because they might do it for free. That would be ace. o3ob

If not... Well, I'm not going to let myself get upset about it anymore. There are a lot of irreplaceable things, like old artwork, but most of my art is up on DA. The only problem is I wouldn't have access to the PSD files, but... c'est la vie. I WILL GET THROUGH THIS.
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