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Ranty McRanterson

I know it was two days ago and it's over, but there are a few more things I want to say, and then I'll let it drop.

I rant when I'm stressed, and because of everything that's been going on for the past year and a half, I've been stressed to the max for quite a while. Sometimes I say things I don't mean or exaggerate a situation because stupid, insignificant things bother me when I'm stressed, and venting is therapeutic.

I realize I can be passive, but I'm by no means a doormat. I take care of my problems, and I take care of them privately. I don't air out my laundry, I don't publicize things that are nobody's business, and I don't volunteer every tidbit of information to my friends. If you want to know something, you can come to me directly; I am honest. There is no need for you to do me any favors by repeating something I told you in confidence in an effort to make me deal with something you think I'm letting go by the wayside.

Yes, it still upsets me. I don't like being suspicious of everyone I talk to.

ETA: Now for something lighter...

Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Portraitist

Random, Character-Oriented, Platonic

As a Portraitist, the character is everything to you. You value the character's personality and development more than anything else, and your goal in roleplay is to flesh the character out in any and every way possible. You're the method actor of the roleplay world: you know your character through and through (you've probably done a ton of research) and you enjoy throwing your character into new and random situations just to prompt interesting reactions. However, you're hard to involve in any plots, mostly because ongoing stories that don't focus on exploring your character's innermost depths quickly bore you. Also, you might like to put your character in tragic/stressful situations a little too much.

Take Roleplayer Test!
at HelloQuizzy

I don't agree with the last two sentences. I would overwhelm myself if I continuously did plots that focused on exploring my character's 'innermost depths'. Also, I rarely put anyone in tragic or stressful situations for the simple fact that I'm afraid it would seem gratuitous, lol. o3o;;
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