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1. What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you at work?
...Nothing embarassing has really happened to me at any of my jobs. XD; SO INSTEAD, I SHALL TELL YOU ABOUT MY MOST EMBARRASSING SCHOOL INCIDENT. Which... isn't all that embarrassing and more stupid than anything else. XD I accidentally walked into the wrong classroom, and instead of going 'lolwhoops', I made up some lame excuse as to why I was there. I told the teacher that there was a little girl in the bathroom, crying for him. And there wasn't. Don't ask me why I did that, I was a social dumbass in 7th grade. :|;;;

2. ASIDE FROM PHOENIX AND EDGEWORTH, who else do you like from Phoenix Wright?
Is 'everyone' an option? I didn't even like Edgeworth at first, to be honest. Even after his sob story, I was like, "Dude, he's still an asshole." It took until the last case of the second game before he really grew on me. I like Mia and Larry on the same level that I like Edgeworth, and after that... everyone else is a close third? XD; In fact, it might be easier to name off the characters I don't like than the ones that I do.

3. Do you think you could quit RP altogether, if given the right amount of money?
As long as I could still write fanfiction and make up stuff in my head, sure. XDb

4. If your life was a musical for one day, what part would be the most interesting?
The part where my whole family (plus Bryan and Manda) are over for dinner. We have the most interesting conversations, from politics to eyeball-licking to things I probably shouldn't mention. 8D;

5. What is the dorkiest fandom-related thing that you own?
My room. :| Seriously. It's like a fandom explosion in here. I'm... actually planning on putting away most of my fandom-related stuff when I order my new furniture. But when I get a place of my own, I will make sure I have a room entirely devoted to nerdery. B)

...Oh, and I have lots of Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland. And Disney pins.
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