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So, I've been in pain for the last few days. I initially thought I'd slept wrong, but the pain has been persisting and moving around the area of my neck and shoulders, so I think it's nerve-related. I lived on ibuprofen over the weekend (which was so much fun--I'll have to talk about that later. I went GHOST HUNTING), but it didn't help a lick. I still have some vicodin left over from when my tooth was hurting, so I've opted to take that (heheh, TAKE THAT) for now. It didn't seem like it was helping at first, but I guess it took a while to kick in. My neck doesn't feel all better, but it feels great and so do I, rofl. I'll probably be popping them like candy until I can get a dr's appointment, which will hopefully be no later than tomorrow. It's been painful to the point that it's hard to move sometimes.

But it's all good times right now. Good times, good times.
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