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Opinion, please?

My right foot has been swollen for the past two weeks. No pain, and the swelling goes away after taking water pills for a couple days, but inevitably returns afterward. I assumed it was due to eating poorly (there have been family issues; we've been eating tons of fast food because no one is shopping or cooking, not that I blame anyone), so I told myself I wouldn't eat anything with a lot of salt for the next couple days, but today the swelling is worse than ever and now my left ankle seems swollen as well. I called the doctor to make an appointment, but they have nothing until Monday. She said to go to the urgent care center. I don't want to make an unnecessary trip... it's kind of out of the way...

Should I go to urgent care tonight/tomorrow, or just grin and bear it for the weekend? I should be fine with water pills.

Opinions? Suggestions? Like I said, I'm not in any pain, so... I don't know.
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