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Dude. I stayed up way too late last night playing Apollo Justice and I'm still not done.

Wow. I really, really like this game. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's superior to the first three Phoenix Wright games in terms of play and story. However... I don't know if I blinked during an explanation or what, but the Mason System is confusing the hell out of me. >_> Not that I don't know what to do, but the LOGIC. WHERE IS IT?

"HERE, VERA. LET ME PRESENT TO YOU SOME EVIDENCE I GOT IN THE FUTURE." e_e Please tell me there's an explanation for that. I mean, I can handle cross-examining a parrot, but time-travel is where I draw the line, dude.

...loool, Phoenix and Kristoph talking about nail polish (which I'm sure isn't really nail polish). Phoenix: "The bottle is sparkly. I like it." Oh, Feenie. Between that and Apollo mulling over the possibility of Klavier wearing lipstick... just... A++ would play again.

Speaking of Phoenix, though... I was a little surprised by how quickly he acquired Trucy. "lol, I know your daddy disappeared two weeks ago, but you can live with me nao. n_n Call me Nick! Or, you know, Daddy! ...when you're ready, of course!" "OK, Daddy!" wtf. But Trucy, ilu. ;o; Phoenix called her his light in a dark time. <333

slkdjflskdjfls can't wait to play more want to finish the game now kthx
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