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The moment of TOOTH

It turns out I have some massive infection in one of my roots, so I have to have a root canal. I'm scheduled for next Tuesday, but honestly? I'm going to go to a different dentist. Not because I want a second opinion (I'm pretty certain I have an infection, if the massive pain is any indication), but because I was just... really not impressed with this place.

When you're a new patient, isn't it standard to take a full-mouth x-ray so they know if you have any problems other than the one you came for? They only x-rayed the part that hurt.

Also, aren't they supposed to use new, disposable instruments for each patient? And they're supposed to open them in front of you, right? The instruments were already on the table when I got there and they looked... dirty. I'm not exaggerating. The little mirror thingy they use to look at your teeth? Dirty. Had some kind of stuff on it. She didn't even wipe it before she put it in my mouth. I never should have let her. Ugh.

So they ask me what I'm allergic to, right? Penicillin. And she seems SURPRISED. "If they don't give you Penicillin, what do they give you?" Uh. I dunno, one of the other 50 million antibiotics that AREN'T Penicillin? I haven't had Penicillin since I was a baby and my mom told me I broke out in a horrible rash. This DOCTOR? Said I probably wasn't really allergic and wanted to prescribe it to me, anyway. I'm not kidding.

Someone must have smacked her with a clue by four, though, because when she came back with the prescription, it was for Erythrocin (not that I would have taken the Penicillin, anyway. I mean, hello?).

She also seemed really nervous, like I had some horrible tooth disease that she couldn't find it in her heart to tell me about. What is it with nervous doctors, lately?

Anyway. Seems that the cavity I have is really close to the bone, so in addition to a root canal, they might have to do some kind of crown-lengthening procedure that I'd have to go to a specialist for. That's the worst case scenario.

Best case scenario? I'm looking at spending $510.


I don't think the figure will change with a second opinion, but there's no way in hell I'm getting a root canal done there. I just hope these antibiotics will stave off the infection so I'm not wanting to take a knife to my gums every time it flares up.
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