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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. GET TO PLAY AS EDGEWORTH THAT IS SO COOL. I mean, I kind of thought you'd get to, considering how much I've actually spoiled myself for this game (95% unintentional), but it was still surprising. ;o; Andandand... WTF IS WITH HIM LEAVING FOR A YEAR AT A TIME?!?! I know what's going to happen with him in the end, too... WHY, EDGEWORTH, WHY?

Ahahaha... he calls the psychelocks "psycholocks."

Nick's in the hospital, oh noes. ;-; Why does he want to help that Iris girl, I wonder? If he's so convinced she might be Dahlia... Is he still harboring feelings for her? That is fucked up, Nick. x.X

Also... I read (accidentally, AGAIN!! WHY DON'T PEOPLE MARK THEIR SPOILERS) that Phoenix/Iris is canonish. BAH. If that's true, I don't know that I'll be able to ship Phoenix/Edgeworth then... I... have issues... beaking up happy couples. >_> I know, I'm weird, it's all fictional and it doesn't matter, but...! I don't like doing it. But we'll see how this all plays out.

God. I haven't fangirled in years. I feel like a total idiot (and sound like one, too). XD

Tags: fangirl moment, phoenix wright, trials and tribulations

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