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Yoinked this ad from lacey5480

Original vs Alternate
Sometime in the future, Earth will be put under siege. In a last-ditch attempt to save their world, scientists invent a machine called the Consulo with the ability to pull people from different dimensions into this one. Chosen for their unique abilities, those snatched from their own worlds are deposited into a prison-like city called Econtra where they are told they've been conscripted into the most powerful army ever known.
A Multi-Fandom, Multi-Universe Game
A dedicated RPG with a twist: the option of playing either Original (OU) or Alternate (AU) versions of every character. Can you survive the prison-world of Econtra? Will you meet your duplicate as friend or foe? Come find out.
Read the beginning of your captivity...
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I'm not sure if I'm gonna join yet, but I'm sorely tempted... It sounds like a lot of fun and the mod has obviously put a lot of thought into the backstory. I'd like to play Mia Fey, but I want to play Trials and Tribulations first so I know more about her history. I'm not going to spoil myself for the sake of an RP. :P

I was thinking of possibly apping an AU Quatre... THAT would be interesting.
Tags: encontra, rpg

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