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I've stayed up waaay too late playing Phoenix Wright and making icons. OWELL. I'm in an incredibly good mood right now! Possibly having to do with the fact that I got some pills from the doctor today (, yesterday) that have made my headache GO AWAY. Well, mostly at least. I can still fell the dullest of aches, but that's okay! It's ten times better than the way I was feeling earlier today. *celebrates*

I'm in one of those wacky moods... You know, when you know you're really tired, but you feel giddy and awake, anyway. Sooo... I'm not sure what to do with myself. It's almost 4 in the morning. I haven't stayed up this late in a loooong time, not even on the weekends. Erm. I suppose I could, uh... play more Phoenix Wright go to bed. Yeah. Or maybe play Pokemon Pearl! Does anyone here have a wi-fi connection?? WE SHOULD TOTALLY HOOK UP.

...possibly later. Going to sleep now. REALLY.
Tags: gip, health, phoenix wright

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