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so the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights


This is going to be quick, because I don't have the patience to be long-winded right now. Possibly more elaborate detail later.

1. Did not get the e-care job, but it's okay. They're still training me in the position!
2. Leaving for Pigeon Forge, TN tomorrow. Very scared of flying. D:
3. Text message me while I'm gone! I looove text messages. If you don't have my number, you can text me via LJ... hinthint...
4. ...though, maybe you can't, because my LJ is expiring in 2 hours! WOE!
5. I could hardly sleep last night because I was imagining how horrible it must be to die in a plane crash. YES, I AM AWARE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.
6. Six is my lucky number!

This time tomorrow, I'll be sitting in a airport, waiting to board the death trap plane. Whee.
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