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with voices raised in song, we're banishing the bong

My days off are switched this week because of a new product meeting we're having tomorrow, so I'm hooome todaaay.

I've cleaned off my desk and picked up the bathroom. In addition to that, I've successfully altered a t-shirt! I'm all productive.

See, I have a lot of boy-styled shirts, but they all look frumpy on me because they're baggy up top but tight around my monster hips, so Tif bought this nifty do-it-yourself, t-shirt-altering, fun book! I'm now wearing my PREPARE FOR SOME DOOM Invader Zim shirt, newly altered with shorter sleeves, a bigger neck opening, and about an inch off the bottom. I think it looks gooooood. *happy*

Well, now I'm off to Claro's to buy pizza ingredients for my mom's birthday!

Err, because I'm making her pizza... I'm not giving her the ingredients for her birthday.



Oh, and I had my second interview yesterday. I don't know how it went... I'm a bad judge of that sort of thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Tags: diy, gargoyles, gathering, job

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