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my brownie is yummy

So, I'm going to have a second interview on Tuesday! Excitement! Nervousness!

I'm also a "mentor" at work, now. They took the top ten people with the best ACW* and gave them teams of four to work with. I get my team's stats every monday and then... well, they didn't really give us guidelines. Sara said it's up to us, to work out our leadership abilities or something. I'm thinking I'll send out weekly e-mails with tips on how to get ACW down. My first e-mail will be asking for tips my teammates already use so I can get to know their individual working habits a little better.

Also, in fandom-related news, I'm totally freaking obsessed with TMNT 2003, which you may already know from reading Tif's LJ. Only I'm not as insane about it as Tif is. *pokes crimsonobsessor*

I wasn't all that impressed with season three until last night. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. Seriously, I don't usually pimp stuff, but if you've EVER liked TMNT and have yet to watch this series, PLEASE do so! Buy the DVDs! Download the torrents! I can even provide a link to site that has the first 12 episodes or so streaming! WATCH IT IF ONLY FOR THE FIGHT SCENES. They use their weapons and they use them AWESOMELY.


So. Pirates today.

* ACW: After Call Work. After a call, we have a couple minutes to notate the policy before we have to jump back in the queue. The less time you take the better.
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