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there's frosting on the top and best of all it's mine

So... last Wednesday, I had to put my baby Nani to sleep. Previously, she had had a mamory tumor on her side that we had surgically removed. She was so lively after the surgery and I thought things would be cool for at least a few months! But then she developed a huge mass in her stomach that made her back leg almost lame and the right side of her face was becoming so swollen. My poor little girl... I had to make the decision to put her down while I was at work, so I wasn't even there with her. That's what hurt the most. Because she was blind and practically deaf, she wasn't as adventurous as she used to be and would often cuddle up in my chest or hide her face in my arms. She didn't want to go to anyone else... She knew who her mommy was. I wish I had been there to hold her.

Anyway... I'm gonna start crying, argh!!

I had said that, after Nani, I wasn't going to get anymore rats until after Tif and I were out on our own. I had a dream about Nani last night, though, and that made me want more now... I don't know that my mom would fly with it, though. And... and... I should really weigh the negatives. I mean, my room is so cramped as it is and that huge rat cage was a pain to clean...

But.. but.. Look!! How can I resist? I love rats. Damnit. ;-;

Anyhow, I haven't forgotten about that meme. I replied to some today. Only three more to go!

And here. Vote Voldemort '08.


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