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a nightmare on my street the day she arrived, a nightmarish household in which she died

I'm afraid my little Nani-poot may be dying. We took her to the vet two weeks ago because her eyes were cloudy and one was swollen, and it turns out she's blind. No biggie because rats don't see very well to begin with, but I've been afraid about the swelling. I think the vet said it's glaucoma and she didn't see any reason to do anything about it, though I'm afraid it will get infected or something. Last night, Tiffy noticed a huge lump near her left back leg that LITERALLY popped up over night. It looks like the lump Kitty had before she died, so I'm thinking it's probably an abcess. I read on that they can be drained at home, but it's recommended that you see a vet do it first, so Tif's gonna take her in tomorrow morning. I hope it's just an abcess and not a tumor.

Anyway, I'm totally wiped. I'm sorry I don't reply to posts or comments anymore, I just kinda browse through my friends list to catch up with everyone's lives... but I spend my day looking at a computer and typing, the last thing I want is to come home and do the same thing. I'm sorry, I know I suck. :(

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