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"Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thought."

Many months ago, Tif rented "The Adventures of Mark Twain" from Blockbuster Online and we just got around to watching it tonight.

This was a movie I'd seen many times when I was a kid... I had it recorded and I'm pretty sure I wore the poor tape out. I was a little apprehensive about seeing it... Sometimes, we think movies are great when we're kids and then we grow up and watch them again only to be disappointed. That's not how it was with this movie... Like a lot of kids, I was pretty sharp and understood more than I probably should have, but there were so many things that I never realized were going over my head. I never understood what the significance of the comet was or felt the emptiness at the end of the Mysterious Stranger sequence... The Diaries of Adam and Eve sequence did not make me cry when I was five years old.

It's just a really, really good movie... Go rent it, okay?

As for me? I have to go read some Mark Twain books now.
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