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I'm not really in a fandom right now (any suggestions?), so I'm kinda dabbling in every little thing that strikes my fancy and Winnie the Pooh happens to be my latest kick, which is... well, really weird, to say the least. XD I have a strong love/hate relationship with the series. I LOVED it when I was little, grew annoyed with the marketing as I got older, grew fond of the 80s cartoon series that I didn't discover until many years after it was made, held seething resentment for the drug-induced Winnie the Pooh ride that replaced the Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland, and now I'm all hearts and icon-making. Whuuut. Wasn't too thrilled with the Tigger Movie, though, but <3s for the Search for Christopher Robin!

You know you lose when you're writing about Winnie the Pooh on LJ.

Rabbit FTW.

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