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A Dimension of Mind (are we in the Twilight Zone?)

ARGH. I am very frustrated at DeviantART right now. I don't usually complain about their new changes because I know, sooner or later, everyone will adapt... but this latest one really sucks. I don't know about everyone else, but the site has been going REALLY slow for me lately and often times out. So now they have a new submission page where you pick your categories from a flash menu (right? It looks like flash to me), BUT you have to wait for the darn thing to load. Then, when you click a main category, you have to wait for the SUBcategories to load. Raaa. So much anger.

But anyway... yeah, I'll get over it. If the site starts loading more quickly, that is. If not, well, I'll just continue to take out my frustrations on my journal. :D
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