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Saturday, June 24th, 2006 - THE GATHERING

I figured I should write this down before I forget everything that happened, heh...

First of all, I just want to say that this was probably the best convention experience I've ever had because it was so intimate and the guests were all very approachable. There was also (as Tif put it) a low amount of Crazy. That is, no screaming fangirls/boys foaming at the mouth, on the verge of passing out from hyperventilating a la DragonCon '02. I think this is mostly due to the fact that everybody knew everyone else. These conventions have been going on for almost ten years now and a lot of the same people have attended every single one, including Greg Weisman, so if there was any extreme fangirl(/boy)ing to be had, it was probably within the first couple years.

Anyhow, I digress. On to the events!

The first thing we did after registration was head over to the radio play auditions. According to the Gathering website, the first radio play happened during the con's second year and has been an annual tradition ever since. Greg Weisman reads from a script he brings along and those who were cast read the dialogue--just like the radio plays of yesteryear.

When we arrived at the auditions, we didn't really know what to expect. We thought everyone would go into the room and the auditions would happen in a group setting, so we were planning on watching those, but it turned out that each person went into the room individually. I thought about leaving at that point and I know Tif wanted to check out the dealer's room, but I was also really curious about the auditions, so I mustered enough courage to try out. I really wanted Tif to audition, too, but I don't think any amount of prodding would have gotten her into that room, which was probably for the best. I think she would have been too nervous once she saw who was judging the audition. I was about to choke, too!

I know I read somewhere before that Greg Weisman picked the cast himself, but it must have slipped my mind at that point because I was shocked to see him sitting there, along with Thom Adcox (voice of Lexington) and Jennifer Anderson (can't remember who she is, at the moment). They were the only ones in the room, aside from someone's kid. Yeah, it was pretty nerve-wracking! I steeled myself, though, and read the part of Angela... and then, er, barked like a dog for Thom's amusement and also to see if I could land the part of Bronx, I'm assuming.

After I got out of there, I didn't care if I got a part in the play or not--the experience of auditioning was worth it enough!

Since we had time to kill before the panel we wanted to see, we headed over to the dealer's room where I bought a t-shirt and two copies of the new Gargoyles comic book: one for myself and one for my mom, who was a real hardcore fan back in the day. If anyone was ever a fan of Gargoyles, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book! The first two issues are a retelling of the Journey (the first episode of the Goliath Chronicles, the last ep Greg Weisman worked on before the show started to tank) and from then on will be all new stories. Whether or not a third issue is released, however, is dependent on how well the first two sell. So go get yourself a copy! While you're at it, buy season two, volume one on DVD. Season two sales aren't doing as well as the first, so the second volume may never come out! If you're waiting for a box set, this is it. It had to be split into two parts because the season was so long (52 episodes).

After we emptied our wallets a bit more, we headed over to the art show. Man, there was some fabulous fanart there, and not all of it was for Gargoyles. There was a little section in the back for adult artwork, too. Beautiful stuff. Some tasteful erotica, some stuff that was a little more porny. We voted in the art contest (though I'm not really good at judging that kind of stuff, so most of the fields on my ballot were blank) and then caught a little bit of the Gargoyles Physiology, Psychology, and Society panel. It was hosted by Christine Morgan, a fanfic writer who is now a published author. I remember reading her fics a looong time ago. I think she wrote some of the first erotica in the fandom, if not some of the best. Greg Weisman popped in for a little bit. From what Christine said, he's always wanted to be part of that panel so he can set everyone straight, but he always had something else to host at the same time. As it was, he could only stay for a bit before he had to get to GARGOYLES: The Development Process. We ended up leaving before he did, though, because we had to get to Adapting Stories & Characters from Comics to Film.

Until freemymisery pointed it out, Tif and I had no idea Steve Gordon was going to be at the con. As it turned out, he wasn't the only panelist who had ties with Evo. Boyd Kirkland (director) and Frank Paur (director as well as producer for Gargoyles) were there, too, along with Gary Hartle and James Peters. I have to admit, I tuned out a lot of what they were talking about because Steve Gordon's sketches were being shown on the projector and I have issues dividing my attention (not the best multi-tasker over here!), but some things did manage to sink in. Mostly their talk about standards and practices. They said it was harsh ten years ago, but it's worse even now, which shows in the cartoons on TV today. A cartoon like Gargoyles would never make it on the air. They were lucky they got to do what they did with Evo in the second season on. They also talked about marketing and target audiences. Apparently, with a lot of kids' shows, it doesn't matter how many viewers they get, it matters how many toys they sell because the toy companies help fund the cartoons. That's a really sad state of affairs...

When the panel ended, the panelists gave autographs out in the hall. They all signed my program booklet. Steve Gordon also sketched a Wolverine for me and Boyd Kirkland left me a sketch of Batman! We also got an autograph from Steve for you, freemymisery! Would you like to give us your address so we can send it to you?

Oh, and there was this rude guy there that made them sign a bunch of crap that I'm sure he's going to sell on E-bay... Argh, how can people do that?! I mean, he had about 20 things, possibly more! That's just... so rude. He also handed them his sketchbook for them to draw things in. Barely even asked. Just, "Here, I want you to draw such-and-such..." And they did it. They were obviously annoyed, but they didn't say anything.

Just... bleh. That really annoyed me.

Anyhow, after that, we went to get an early check-in for our hotel room, but they only had two double beds available instead of the king we wanted. We took it, anyway. I really didn't want to wait... I just wanted to get our bag in the room so we could get back to the fun stuff. And so we did.

GARGOYLES: The Writing Process was the next panel we visited. We missed about the first half hour due to check-in, but we still caught some good stuff. Greg Weisman, Brynne Chandler, Michael Reaves and someone who is not listed in my book were the panelists. They basically talked about how they came up with the scripts, the process they went through before they were finalized, how the stories they butted heads on often became some of the best episodes, etc... Then, a girl in the front row said something to the tune of, "I like how the show is about diversity. Were there ever any plans to deal with diverse things like homosexuality?"

And Greg said, "Well, most of the fans know I'd thought of Lexington as gay for a long time..."

And Michael Reaves was all, "o.O I didn't know that..."

And Greg said, kinda laughing, "Well, I didn't want you to have to walk around Disney with that knowledge. I wouldn't put you through that."

Heh, I guess you had to be there. The amusement came from the way he said it. It made everyone laugh.

I'm tired of typing, so I'm gonna finish this later...

STILL TO COME: Mug-a-Guest with Steve Gordon, the Radio Play, and Blue Mug-a-Guest in the con suite.
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