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I hate my organs. Jesus... When I PMS, I PMS badly. Not in the cramp or mood-type way (though, I do get moody, and when a I cramp, it's like something's clawing at my uterus), but in this oh my god i'm going to die type way. Seriously. I think it's hard to understand unless you experience it... but I can't sit up fast or exercise or do anything strenuous or I get terribly winded, my heart palpitates, which is scary, and I feel weak and tired all the time. Everything inside just feels off. I never used to feel this way... It's more of a recent development, say in the last year and a half or so. Actually, ever since I took those freaking birth control pills to regulate me/get rid of acne (didn't work for the latter at all). It started with bad, BAD cramps and then graduated to this. Man, I guess I'm lucky my period is irregular. As it is, these feelings last 1-3 weeks before I start. If I was regular, I probably would have killed myself by now. I used to be really scared when this happened (still am, a little), but now I'm mostly frustrated.

Is this something I shoudl talk to the doctor about? I figure it only comes around every few weeks, but it's kinda becoming... debilitating.
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