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X-Men: Evo!

Okay, so I'm randomly watching the first Evo episode right now (..maybe not-so-randomly, as Tif and I have been RPing again...) and it's just so... beautifully LAME. XD I mean, I always thought the first season was pretty, err, laughable, but now that I haven't seen it for so long, I have a new appreciation for how silly it was. I mean, come on... "So you AND your stupid sunglasses at night can just bail!" God, I've always hated that quote. XD It never fails to amuse me.

"It's too hot to touch... at least with my HANDS." Thank you, Jean.

Okay, so the Prof leaves Kurt a uniform, and Kurt just grins about it... like, it's normal? Nobody even explains WHY he needs this uniform?

"He COULD be one of us."
"Sometimes, Professor, I think your kind heart blinds even you from the truth." WTFBITCH Storm.

"This test is over! Todd Tolenksy does possess the gift of the X-gene!" No, really? I thought you'd already figured that out with Cerebro.. e.e

"You're an angel!"
"On occasion.. How 'bout you? Are you a demon?" I've always hated the way she says that. It sounds like she's coming on to him.

Scott (standing around): "Tolensky! Sorry, Professor, I couldn't stop him..." You didn't even try...

Hee, that was fun. [/easily amused]
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