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Strange dream...

I woke up about an hour before I'd intended because the dogs were barking, but I was able to fall back to sleep for a short while after Tif put them away. I then had a strange, short dream.

It starts out a little fuzzy, but from what I can remember, there was this woman who had some type of device in her backyard that, when turned on, made it appear as if there was a UFO flying in the sky. The projected image was a green triangle.

There were two men there... One was a Ufologist, the other may have been as well, but I'm not sure. The shorter of the two was explaining how the image projection worked, while the other man (the one who I was sure was a Ufologist) kept talking as if the UFO had been real, despite the proof right in front of him.

Then I was suddenly in... an airplane of some sort. I think it was a one-person plane. Anyway, I wasn't flying, more like I was seeing things from the perspective of the man in the plane. I could see the projected triangle in the sky, surrounded by flying saucers. Only they weren't traditional flying saucers in the sense that they were flying.. ah.. on their sides? I'm not sure how to explain this. They weren't flying like frisbees... They were flying like you would roll a frisbee. Er. You know? Anyhow, I was thinking, "Okay... maybe that triangle wasn't a real UFO, but these things sure are!"

I flew closer, realizing that they were some types of airforce crafts. They were flying in typical formation, lead by some other weird craft (can't remember what it looked like) and I knew I would have to gain clearance in order to keep flying. I don't think they granted it, because I ended up landing outside some medical clinic.

There were people surrounding the clinic, and some government offical-like man was asking someone else if the building had been cleared. Someone responded that they couldn't completely clear the top floor, but that didn't seem to faze the other man. The building blew up, and I heard someone say something like, "There are always sacrifices in situations like this."

The building didn't fall or anything... just the walls fell, and I could see people running around on the top floor. It was odd, but I don't think anyone was hurt, just really shaken up. It was also odd to note that all the patients were men, and I remember thinking that they were probably gay.

And that was it. Just thought I'd write it down because it seemed full of symbolism that I'll probably dissect later.

Recommend some music for me, please! ^_^ I'm not picky about genres, so that doesn't matter. I just want some new stuff to listen to.
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