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Random ranting.

Man, why do all the current animated features have big-name celebrities doing all of the voice work? It seems like the movies that have these sorts of casts aren't usually all that great, either. Maybe they know their stories aren't up to par, so they bank on the names of the actors. How stupid is that? I miss when they used to predominantly hire people you'd never heard of before (or lesser known actors), and maybe have one or two--at the most--popular celebrities.

Yeah, I don't know what brought this on. Chalk it up to random, sleepy 5am musings.

..hehe, Tif is so cute when she talks in her sleep.

"Hnf.. s'at our song? ....immediately?"

I don't know, either. XD

Edit: Bryan!! Sadness! I think EMuck is DEAD!! ;-; ALL THE MEMORIES!
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