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I had to take Tif into work early this morning, so I'm running off of less than four hours of sleep. This post is a by-product of a sleepy mind running rampant at 7am.

Last night was what can only be described as Teh Suck.

Ever since I was given a license, I have been designated as a gopher of sorts. I have to run out to get all kinds of things--beer, hamburger buns, tortillas, etc. You name it. Except cigarettes. I refuse to get cigarettes for some stupid reason or another (something about my morality... LOLLERSKATEZ).

Anyhow, the most COMMON thing that I'm sent out to get, however, is ICE CREAM. Now, you think... "What's so bad about getting ice cream?" Well, I'll have you know that, about 75% of the time I go get ice cream, something goes wrong. Ex: warm, melted ice cream, rude customer service, order comes out wrong, bad drivers on the road, get pulled over by the police...

Last night, though, was the EPITOME of Wrong.

There are two Baskin Robbins within a few miles of each other, both on the same street. I left the house with the intention of going to one, but ended up going to the other because I needed gas and it was closer to all the gas stations. Both Valorie and I wanted shakes. I was in my PJs, so Tif went in to get the order. When she came back, she notified me that their blender was broken, so no shakes. Fine. I was perturbed (hadn't wanted to get ice cream in the first place), but I decided I'd just drive to the other one and she could pick up my mom's cigarettes at 711 so we wouldn't have to backtrack.

711 went without a hitch, luckily. As we drove along to the other Baskin Robbins, I mentioned how something always goes wrong when I get ice cream. Not two minutes later, as we were nearing Pathfinder Rd, the car in the left lane decides it's going to turn--without looking, evidently. It pulled into my lane and, had I not slammed the breaks, would have forced me onto the sidewalk and into a very serious carwreck. As it is, it ended up sideswiping the front of my car. No damage, fortunately. You can bet I leaned on my horn and shouted a plethora of curse words at him, though. He didn't even stop, of course, just went on his merry way. Merry Fucking Christmas to you, too, asshole.

I'm just thankful there wasn't a car behind me. I slammed on my breaks so hard, if someone had been behind me, they probably would have hit me and caused my car to flip over.

After that, I continued to Baskin Robbins. But guess what? When we got there, they were closed. At 8:52. And that's according to my car clock, which is always fast, so they probably had closer to ten minutes of open time left. Neither Valorie nor I got the ice cream we wanted, but we shared with my mom and sister, at least.

I hearby renounce my duties to get ice cream. Seriosly.

And later...

For about five months at the very least, I've been having what I've thought to be hemorrhoids. Itching, bleeding, all that great stuff... The doctor had prescribed me some cream, which I stupidly never picked up. Since my last period, it's gotten severely worse and uncomfortable, so I was looking online to see if there was any over the counter stuff I could purchase before I get back to the doctor. Well, I realized none of what I'm experiencing matched the symptoms of hemorrhoids, or any of the other rectal problems listed on the websites I found. So now I'm freaking out about having colon cancer or something.

However, I think I've matured in the few years I've been dealing with my own anxieties. I know my mind always grasps the worst case scenario, so I'm not panicking--at the moment, anyway. But I am a bit concerned. I think I should see the doctor ASAP, at least to put my mind at ease.


Mandapoot, I know you wanted to play Guild Wars last night, but I was in a rotten mood and didn't even remember until about 1am. ;-; Dun be mad at me. I hope we can do it tonight instead! <3 <3 <3

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