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Random rant.

Regarding icon communities...

Geez, I cannot stand when people post to an icon community that is devoted to one particular subject with a link that leads to, like, ten different subjects. Do you realize how aggravating it is to have to wade through 20 HP icons, 30 Johnny Depp icons, 45 OC icons, etc. just to get to 5 icons for Gundam Wing? I know a lot of mods list, as a rule, NOT to do such things, but so few of them enforce that rule. I mean, seriously, is it so hard to put different icons in separate posts? It's a little more organized, too. And less annoying for people who are just looking for icons of a specific subject matter.

Nothing against anyone else's interests, of course, but if I wanted to look at HP icons, I'd be in a Harry Potter icon community, now wouldn't I?

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