August 4th, 2009

[DDD] Are there pills to fix this!?

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It just hit me today that I haven't done anything creative in... almost two years. I used to draw or color or write all the time, but it seems like I have no motivation for anything these days. (Roleplaying doesn't count for me; it's not the same as sitting down and drawing/writing/coloring something that you have a SUDDEN BURST OF INSPIRATION FOR, you know? At least not for me.) I kind of want to start doing photo manipulations again. I had a lot of fun with those. The only problem with that is my current lack of ideas, but maybe I'll see if that weekly contest on DeviantART is still around. Oh, or maybe that club where you can just color other people's line art! That was always fun.

To be honest, I miss drawing most of all. Unfortunately, it seems like I don't have the confidence or patience for it anymore.