January 8th, 2009

[Evo] Todd - *thwip*


I'm bored at work, so you get a roleplaying meme! :D Stolen from a whole bunch of people on my f-list.

Years roleplaying: Uh... 13, 14 years? >_>
Least favorite muse?: I don't really have a least favorite, but I don't think I play young Trucy as well as I could.
Male or female muses?: I think it's split pretty evenly.
Oldest character played?: Phoenix! He just turned 27 on DDD. :3 OH WAIT JUST KIDDING. During the time I player her at DDD, Lana was 31.
Longest muse played?: At this point, it's Phoenix, although I did play Todd (from X-Men: Evolution) for about two years straight.
Newest muse?: I haven't had any for a while, but Lana Skye is the newest. I just have no time to play her anywhere. ;-;

Which muse of yours would be most likely to...
Jump off a bridge?:
Well, Larry's said he would jump off a bridge (among other things)... XD I don't think any of them would ever actually do it, to be honest.
Get drunk and pass out?: Mm. I'd say Larry, but in my mind, he has a pretty high alcohol tolerance, so... Todd!
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?: ...Lucca? Does setting your enemies on fire count?
Be far too hyper for their own good?: Larry. :|
Be raped?: None of them.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?: lulz. Todd, Larry, possibly Phoenix, though I think he'd give in after a while.
Get lung cancer?: I don't know. In my head canon, Larry and Todd smoke pot, but as studies show marijuana doesn't increase your risk of lung cancer, uh... I can't say any of them would be more likely than the other.
Star in a horror movie?: Phoenix. I don't know that he'd be the star, but he'd be the character that figures out who the killer is. X3 (...If that's the kind of horror movie we're talking about, anyway.)
Star in a whore movie?: Hm. Larry might consider it, if he was playing the strapping, young client. :|
Star in a video game?: lol Phoenix
Make the world a better place?: Phoenix and Lucca
Have a torrid gay love affair?: Phoenix and Lana :| ...Not with each other, of course, as that would contradict the question.

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love -
Hate - Todd
Money - Todd
Seduction - ...Larry, rofl
Lies - Lana
Tragedy - Lana
Manipulation - ...Lana
Violence - Todd
Politics - Lana
Fire - Phoenix, Lana, Lucca...
Ice - Hm. I can't think of anybody. XD;

Would you ever...
Play a prostitute?:
Why not?
Play a musician?: Sure.
Play a pilot?: NEVER. Er, I mean... yes.
Play a homosexual?: Sure.
Play a pedophile?: No.
Play a politician?: After a lot of research, sure. XD
Create a muse for the sole purpose of smut?: Nah.
Play a character who commits incest?: ...I want to say no, though if I ever came across a character I liked who also happened to be incestuous, er. I suppose?
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