August 13th, 2008

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never gonna give you up

God, I should be sleeping now, but I had a minor panic attack earlier (yeah, back to that again; fun times *sigh*) and am finding it difficult to relax, so I thought I'd quell my anxiety with a little poll.

I know there are a few people on my f-list who identify as bisexual or who are somewhat bi-curious and I was wondering...

Poll #1240001 Sexual Identity

Do you find yourself more attracted to...

the opposite gender
the same gender
both genders equally
it fluctuates
i've never thought about it

For me, it fluctuates. If we're going by the (in)famous Kinsey Scale, I'd say I've ranked a 4 on average, but there have been times in my life that I was much more attracted to men than I was to women. At this point, though, I'd put myself at a 5--I find women more appealing both physically and emotionally, and I've been with Tif for so long now that the thought of being with a man seems very... strange. (Granted, the thought of being with anyone else in general is pretty weird, but men are kind of foreign now.)

Anyway, this is something I thought of the other day and I figured I might as well post about it. Maybe generate some discussion. ♥

[edit] Erf. Actually getting tired, now. Consider these conversations on hold until I wake up later. This is interesting!
[BatB] Gaston - I pity Lefou!

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Er. I'm feeling worse than I did yesterday. Those conversations will have to wait for later... Sorry, guys. -_-

Appointment in two hours. Whoo.
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[Evo] Todd - *thwip*


I list the characters I play with their journals. You ask questions, on your IC journal or OOC journal, it doesn't matter. They answer IC. Okay? Okay. It can be about their username, what their favorite food is...whatever your mind can come up with.

Characters, past and present:
Phoenix Wright [attorney_at_lol] // Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Larry Butz [probablythebutz] // Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Emeralda Kasim [deep_sea_girl] // Xenogears
Todd Tolensky [killer_t0ngue] // X-Men: Evolution

There are many others, but it's been so long I'm sure I've lost their voices. If I get any responses to this, they're going to be replied to much later. Heading out to the doctor now. Whoo~
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