June 29th, 2008

[POTC] Tia Dalma - Voodoo Priestess

they don't love you like i love you

Whoo! Just got back from Bryan's place a little while ago and my arms are sore from playing Rock Band nearly non-stop. XD I'm getting pretty decent with the guitar, I think. I started out liking the drums better, but I find it hard to advance beyond easy because my ankle cramps up when using the foot pedal for too long. ;-; Anyway, we started a new band a couple weeks ago, but we couldn't think of a good name for it (that and we just wanted to start playing omfglol) so we left it at the default 'Fiendish Hopopotamus' (or something like that... I can't remember now). We came up with the perfect band name last night, though.

Longat Apocalypse.

How awesome is that? XD [/nerd]

Anyway... other than that. we were supposed to go to a Japanese festival today, but the advertisements were a little misleading and made it look... spacious. It actually resembled a tiny flea market and didn't look very impressive, so we decided to go to the movies instead. We saw Get Smart, which, I thought, was actually quite hilarious and the fact that I find both Steve Carrel and the Rock exceedingly hot didn't hurt. >_> stfu.

After that, we went back to Bryan's place and... you guessed it... played more Rock Band! XD I think I might run out and get it for the Wii tomorrow. I just want to know how it compares to the Xbox version... I know you can't download any songs (which sucks because fslkdfa Still Alive! YES. You can download Still Alive on the Xbox version!), but as long as everything else is the same, I can deal with that.

Hm... That's about it. I'll have some more updates later, including a meme (because I don't post enough of those) and possibly some picspam, but for now, I'll leave you with this revelation:

In Soviet Russia, machine rages against YOU.

...this is shorter than I intended it to be, but I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep very well last night. ;o;
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