December 25th, 2007

[GW] Trowa/Quatre - Happy Holidays

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Christmas presents are WRAPPED. Now I'll partake in my own, little holiday tradition of staying up, like, all night long so I'll be dead tired when my mom goes around at 8 in the morning, ringing those damn jingle bells and shouting "HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS."

I love Christmas. <333

...oh my god. I just realized that this is the first year we haven't left out milk and cookies. Everyone's all grown up.

That's crazy.
[GO] Aziraphale - Three impressions


Meme: YEAR IN REVIEW: Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2007. That's your year in review.

January: Many months ago, Tif rented "The Adventures of Mark Twain" from Blockbuster Online and we just got around to watching it tonight. (good movie, go watch it!!)
February: I'm afraid my little Nani-poot may be dying. We took her to the vet two weeks ago because her eyes were cloudy and one was swollen, and it turns out she's blind. (yep... I ended up having to put her down D:)
March: So I just got a call from my doctor's assistant who says all my test results are normal (save for my still slightly off thyroid, which is expected) and now I feel like I really am going crazy. (when DON'T I feel like I'm going crazy?)
April: I'm disappointed. did not do anything for April Fools! My day is ruined. (I really WAS disappointed! I STILL AM!)
May: Reply to this and I'll... (it was a meme... I don't think I made any posts after this in the month of May o.o)
June: So, I'm going to have a second interview on Tuesday! Excitement! Nervousness! (didn't get the job D:)
July: Oh god, I love Alanis. XD (still cracks me up)
August: Well, I just finished reading Good Omens (for the second time... sorft of. For some reason, I stopped reading when I'd only had about 90 pages left). Excellent book. Extremely funny and very easy to get addicted to! (...did I really only finish reading this in August? It feels like it's been longer than that.)
September: Hey, check out what this guy does in Mario Paint! I was lucky enough to get a single melody going... (still impressed!)
October: I'm in love with the new chair I just got at work. It has a spiffy lumbar adjustment and feels sooo goood on my back... (still does!)
November: I think I'm going to start art dumping on my journal. Hope no one minds. (yeah, how long did that last)
December: GOD WHY IS IT 2:30 (I think this was after staying up very late one night, talking to yamikaosu... it was technically the third entry, but the first two were mildy depressing x.X)

...that wasn't as amusing as I thought it'd be. In fact, it was downright boring. Sorry, f-list. D:
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