October 18th, 2007

[Misc] Canon Error

Pic post of doom

I stayed home from work today due to lack of sleep. At least I finished that sketch meme (all but one pic.. gah).

1. Todd/Jubes for bether_was_here - I think this one turned out really cute!

2. Toad for t0ra_chan - Oh god, you guys. I didn't think I had any Todd*wangst left in me, but CLEARLY I AM MISTAKEN.

3. Gaston/Zexion for lacey5480 - Total crack here. XD

4. Puck/Lex for bonnieslasher - ...I ...I'm going to a very special hell for this one.

5. Lee/Gaara for zully - This one might be my fav, even though Gaara looks totally off-model to me.

6. Phoenix/Edgeworth for crimsonobessor - This was my first time drawing them as adults and it shows. D: I'm sorry it sucks so badly.

7. Todd/Kurt for crimsonobsessor - NOT DONE. I SUCK. FORGIVE ME, MY LOVE.

8. n/a
9. n/a
10. n/a

Well, there ya go. All that's left is Tif's other one and anyone else who wants to fill up those three empty spaces.