June 27th, 2007

[FFVII] Cloud/Tifa - wake up

"you are no son of mine"

I was going to write another part of my con journal tonight, but I'm too sad. :(

On Sunday, I had gotten my eyebrow pierced, which is something I've been wanting to do for about five years now! I was so happy... It took a little coercing, but that was mainly because I was nervous about what my mom would think. It looked really hot, too. Well, to me, it did.

Everything was going just fine, until I did something stupid on Monday night. I wore a hat and leaned my head against the dirty windows during our flights home. Normally, I would have put the hat in my bag, but I was bringing home so many souvenirs, there was absolutely no room. The only place for it was on my head.

So what do you think happened? That's right, it got infected. It was so bad, I had to leave work early today and go to the urgent care clinic. The nurse seemed like she really wanted to save it, but when the doc came in, he was all, "Nope, it's gotta come out."

So I am piercing-less. I almost cried, seriously! I know that's sad, but I was so happy that I'd finally gotten it after all these years. It was the most special souvenir I'd gotten from the Gathering. *sigh*

Predictably, my mom didn't like the piercing, but she didn't give me a hard time over it. In fact, when she saw how upset I was, she offered to foot the bill when I'm ready to get it pierced again.

And I am getting it pierced again. As soon as I'm sure the infection is healed, I'll be off!

...but for now, I'm really bummed about it. :(

Here's some pictures:

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