December 19th, 2006

[TLK1/2] Timon - AARRRGGH!

World of WHAT NOW.

WTF. I made my WoW account last night and the thing had to restart to download a bunch of crap... Fine, Bryan kinda warned be about that...I'm guessing that I lost out on that part of my ten day trial as I'm assuming it takes effect as soon as you create an account, yes? Fine, so I let the stupid thing download all night... It was finished this morning and I'm all, "YAY I CAN PLAY TONIGHT."

So I start it up... And it restarts for more updates. Alomst 500MB worth. Again.

When do I get to play?

In other news, I got 100% on our little practice test at work today. Yaaay. *dances*
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