December 18th, 2006

[GW] Trowa/Quatre - Happy Holidays

Is the sound of distant drumming just the fingers of your hand?

So, today was my First Day of Work™. It was all orientation, learning about the workings of the company, etc... All in all, a good day!

Getting to work this morning was slightly traumatic, however. Short story: I left the house, forgetting my driver's license, drove back to get it, ended up NOT BEING IN MY WALLET, so I STILL forgot it, hyperventilated when I found this out at a red light, almost started crying, had no time to go back to the house again and figured I'd be late anyway... And at the interview, they stressed punctuality SO MUCH, so I'm like, "GOD I'M GOING TO GET FIRED MY FIRST DAY."

I got there at 7:59 and it turned out one other person didn't have their ID and we could bring it tomorrow. So it was okay.


Tomorrow, I think we start learning about our job-duties. :o There's supposed to be a test every week, if I'm not mistaken...

Random: my chocolate coins taste funny. D:
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