December 7th, 2006

[SE] Patti - no use it's dead


I'm working at my mom's office today and I just heard the saddest story. *types quickly so she can get back to work*

Whenever an employee dies (which happens quite often in this line of work), my mom has to post a bulletin board notice about it... Well, last night, two people died and one was critically injured. Some workers were moving a 75 foot pole on the freeway and the supervisor didn't put the orange cones up... This elderly couple (80 and 81) was driving about 70mph (the CA freeway speed limit is 65, so while they were going really fast, they weren't going that much over the limit, considering everyone else goes about 75-80mph) and since there was no warning, they hit the pole, which swung around and killed a 29 year old employee. The man driving also died. The 80 year old woman is in critical condition. All this during the holiday season.

The saddest part? The old couple had just gotten married. It made me cry.

The supervisor is gonna be charged for involuntary manslaughter.
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