September 15th, 2006

[POTC] Tia Dalma - Framed


I have a lot of comments to reply to and I'll get to them later tonight, but I'm just feeling so good inside right now. I don't know why. Just random happiness, I guess, despite physically feeling like crap. XD

The weather is so gloomy and it's absolutely beautiful. It reminds me that the holidays are coming soon. Sort of ironic how I associate gloomy weather with cheerful holiday events, but that's just the way it is--the weather always gets like this in time for Halloween and lasts through Christmas (with maybe a combined couple weeks of sunshine) and it makes me anxious. Yes, I'm one of those sickeningly cheerful people around the holidays. STFU. :D

I'm gonna post the answers to my friend quiz later tonight and create a new one. I think the questions are a lot harder than I realized because I don't really talk about half the things that were on there, but I always think I'm making things too easy. So I'm gonna make one about stuff I've definitely mentioned before, even if it wasn't recently.

Aahhh... goodbye Summer, hello Autumn.
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