August 17th, 2006

[TLK1/2] Timon - AARRRGGH!

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Okay... I seriously need to find a song. I don't know the artist or the name and I only know, like, two lyrics... I don't even know if they're correct, but I'm hoping maybe it'll ring a bell for someone...? It was the most beautiful music ever and I seriously must hear it again.

I can't even describe what KIND of music it was... it sounded inspired by a LOT of different things. Here are the lyrics I remember (probably not accurate):

(something something) he'll come no more


(something) sound of the elephants (call? calling? cry?)

...yeah, that's it. *sigh* I'm really desperate here.

[edit] By the way, it's a woman singing. GOD, I wish I could remember more of it.
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