April 29th, 2006

[TLK1/2] Timon - AARRRGGH!

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Wha.. wha.. I.. I HATE PHOTOSHOP.

It just.. CLOSED. No error, no asking me if I wanted to save... and I had even SAVED it 10 minutes ago, but in that time, I'd done... SO MUCH. And then it just DISAPPEARED.


....DOESN'T MY MOOD ICON LOOK SO APALLED? Damn, I need a new theme...
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[GW] Quatre - Sunlight

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The month of May 2006 is

The Great Gundam Wing Rewatch

Attention Gundam Wing fans, new and old, active and retired:

This month let's have a fandom-wide event! You needn't contribute anything but the time it takes to watch the Gundam Wing series in the month of May. When was the last time you watched the series in its entirety? It's time for both nostalgia and fresh inspiration.

Let's remind ourselves why we're fans and get as many fanfic writers and readers, fan artists, and fandom lurkers to participate as possible. Together we can laugh at Trowa's hair and count how many times Heero lands on his head. We can ponder the politics and contrast the philosophies. We can revisit all our favourite moments of the show. So dust off your DVD's or your videos and join in the fun. The more the merrier!

Please pimp this as widely as you can.

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