April 18th, 2006

[RL] Idgie/Tif - OTP!

Hoo boy...

Tif, your sleep talk becomes more amusing every time...

My girlie sleeps with an eye mask because I need the light on while I use the computer, or else my eyes will start to hurt. So, wearing the eye mask, she says (very clearly), "Oh. Hello."
Confused, I turn to look at her. She lifts her eye mask and looks at me. "Oh... hi."
I try to stifle my laugther. "You're dreaming, Tif. What did you see?"
She flounders for her words while she turns over, presumably to get more comfortable. "The, uh... diagnosis was... talking to me..."
"The... diagnosis was talking to you?" I ask, trying not to giggle, but failing miserably.
She laughs a little, too. "You know what I mean..."
"Uh, no. I really don't."
Here, she really starts to struggle. "The thing... that was... being diagnosed and... treated."
She quickly falls back to sleep, and I'm left trying not to fall off my chair.

I'm sure this is only funny to me, but I wanted to document it so I wouldn't forget. I have to tease her about it in the morning.