March 16th, 2006

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Well, finally over my cold... but now I apparently have some stomach virus. Last night, I woke up with a terrible, uncontrollable chill. It was a frightening... I didn't have a fever or anything. Doctor says that if it happens again, take Tylenol. Eh.

Valorie is sick again... She's the one who started with the cold, passing it to everyone in the family ('cept my mom, of course, because my mom is apparently immune to everything), but she never seemed to get over it. She'd be better one day, then bad the next... and now she has a fever. When I came home from the doctor, it was at 103.1... so yeah, I was freaking out a little. I gave her some Tylenol... it went down to 102.5, then up to 102.9, down to 101.5, back up to 102.1, and the last time I checked, it was at 100.8. I'm hoping it'll stay low-grade now... I'm worried about her. She's been sick for three weeks now. The doctor says it's just a bad chest cold, though... so... we'll see.

Ugh, my stomach really hurts... I'm postive being worried doesn't help that any.

Edit: Back up to 101.4... aye..
Edit 2: 100.4.
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