February 6th, 2006

[SE] Patti - no use it's dead

Random ranting.

Man, why do all the current animated features have big-name celebrities doing all of the voice work? It seems like the movies that have these sorts of casts aren't usually all that great, either. Maybe they know their stories aren't up to par, so they bank on the names of the actors. How stupid is that? I miss when they used to predominantly hire people you'd never heard of before (or lesser known actors), and maybe have one or two--at the most--popular celebrities.

Yeah, I don't know what brought this on. Chalk it up to random, sleepy 5am musings.

..hehe, Tif is so cute when she talks in her sleep.

"Hnf.. s'at our song? ....immediately?"

I don't know, either. XD

Edit: Bryan!! Sadness! I think EMuck is DEAD!! ;-; ALL THE MEMORIES!
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[SE] Patti - no use it's dead

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my mom just had a long talk with me in which much crying happened, because she told me she was putting together her expenses every month and she doesn't want to support Tif anymore. I mean, she didn't say it like that, she feels really bad and she cried, but she talked about Tif going back to memphis. I can't do that. I feel like my whole world would turn upside down. I guess this sounds a little wangsty of me, but I don't care. I waited so long for her to be able to move here... I can't go back to the way it used to be. If she went back, I don't know...we'd probably have to wait another two years or so before we'd be able to support ourselves on our own. I can't do that. It tore me up inside before she moved here, I can't go back to seeing her twice a year. She can't afford to pay my mom more money.. she doesn't know anyone she could move in with around here. I don't know what to do! I have to talk to her when she gets home from work, but I don't even know what I would say.
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