December 26th, 2005

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It's that time! You all get to here about the lovely presents I got yesterday. I'm sure you can't wait! :D

First and foremost, my mommy got me a NEW TV!! THAT is the best thing EVER!! I don't think I ever mentioned how badly my old TV was dying... It was getting to the point where it was impossible to watch anything because either the sound wouldn't work most of the time or the picture would flicker to a blue screen constantly. Usually it was a combination of both. But now... NOW I have a beautiful LCD TV that works BEAUTIFULLY. *drool* Oh geebus, it's so wonderful...

Next... I got new speakers for my computer. They have a lovely subwoofer and OMGITJUSTSOUNDSSOORGASMIC!!! I LOVE THESE SPEAKERS!! Of course, I had to play some Moulin Rouge stuff to break them in. GUH. Just... GUH. So much love for these speakers. *cries* Now all I have to do is get a job and upgrade my system and I'll be in happyland forever (or for six months at least, seeing as how in computer technology changes so frequently)...

Let's see... I also got a nice Tempurpedic pillow from teh Tiffy. But the pillow wasn't the best part... the pillow case was!! Tiffy sewed a wonderful, soft, pink and black pillow case, without me knowing! HOW she does these things, I'll never know! I love when she does them, though--so thoughtful and loving. *cries* I love you, Tiffy. ;-;

She also got me a '01 compilation of the Boondocks comic strip, which is frickin funny, and the first issue of the Haunted Mansion comic book. Can't wait to read that! Nintendogs (the version with the Yorkshire Terrier, heeeee) and World Poker Tour are some DS games she got me. <3

Manda gave me a cute frame that holds three pictures! I was thinking of putting in three pictures of her and me, the first being of us when we were little kids, the second of us when we're in our teens, and then one of our most recent ones! I think that'd be cute. ^_^ Now I need a frame that holds five pictures, so I can have one picture each of Tiffy, Manda, Bryan, myself, and then one of us all together! Love picture frames! She also gave me a stand for my Mickey 'n Friends plate! XD I've been wanting one of those for a while.

And, of course, I can't forget the System of a Down Hypnotize album. ^_~ Even though I already knew what it was, I was still excited when I opened it!

I got a Donald Duck watch and some nail polish from her, too, and both Tif and I got a (sorely needed) calendar! Thank you, Manda!

Let's see... Ah, speaking of things for both of us, Tif and I opened Bryan's present together. It was the Movies! It looks really cool! It seems like it'll be similar to the Sims, and I think everything knows how much I love the Sims... XD The best part of the game, of course, is the movie-making aspect, and apparently, you can upload the movies you make to the web and have other people review them. Can't wait for THAT. XD We're gonna install it on Tif's computer tonight, after she gets home. Thank you, Bryan!!

My sister got me a new DVD/VCR combo! The VCR portion of my old one started eating tapes, and yes... I still do use VHS. Quite frequently, actually, because Tif often works while her favorite programs are on, so I must record them!

Okay, there's more, but I'm getting hungry, so I'll either finish later or forget about this post entirely (unintentionally), but either way, I LOVE EVERYTHING I GOT! HAPPY HANUKKAH AND A LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

And, in the words of Jazmine DuBois, "PRAISE SANTA!" He died for our presents, you know.
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