December 15th, 2005

[SE] Patti - no use it's dead

Silent Hill poster! wh00t

Okay, I decided to enter the Silent Hill poster contest. I already submitted it... I think I should have posted it here, first, so I could have gotten some more feedback, but I'm paranoid about theft. XD;; Not that I think any of the people I know would steal anything, but half the users watching my journal are people I've never heard of. ^^; Sorry. I've had art theft happen to me and have watched it happen to others, and it's not a chance I'd be willing to gamble with (I sound like such a snob right now, don't I?).

Even though I've submitted it, I'd still like some feedback. Of course it's too late to change anything, but I'd at least like to know if it's appealing to anyone but Tif. ;D

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Honest opinions, please! Again, too late to change anything, but I'm a glutton for punishment. :> Whether you like it or not, I'd at least like to know why.

....*kicks herself for not posting this before she submitted it* UGH. Could have watermarked it beforehand... stupid stupid stupid. I'm sure someone will have some great idea that I didn't think of and now I can't change it! rraaaaaaahhhh
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