September 28th, 2005

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I'm alive! Wow, I've had a busy, exhausting weekend filled with funiture-moving, wall-painting, car-wrecking excitement!

Not gonna go too much into detail because it would take FOREVER, so here's the gist of things:

Friday, Manda, Tiffypuu, and I went to Ikea and bought new desks! Originally, Tif and I were going to get the same, little Mikael desk, but I fell in love with this bigger (more expensive) one that had a hutch perfect for my printer and scanner, and Tif found one that was about the same size as the Mikael and yet cheaper!

Saturday, the neighborhood had a block party, in which lots of yummy foods were served.

Sunday, Tiffy went to work, so my mom took Manda and me to Home Depot and we got paint and supplies. Actually, a good part of Sunday morning was spent online at, trying to find a good color, but after much debating (and lots of indecision, hesitation, and fear), I finally decided on Stone Brown for the wall and Oyster for the trim. Bryan has a better name for the colors, though: Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate Foam, and I'm inclined to agree. :D

The rest of Sunday afternoon/evening was spent prepping for the paint. Finally, around 7:00 (Manda, is that right?), we started painting, and the painting lasted well into the AM. :D Around 4am, give or take an hour.

Monday was spent doing touch-ups on the wall, until we realized we wouldn't have enough Hot Chocolate Foam paint for the closet doors, so we went back to Home Depot to get some more. While we were there, we stopped off at Office Max and got Tiffy a desk chair. Upon leaving the parking lot, some guy in a big-ass Lincoln Navigator was pulling out of his spot and plowed into the side of my poor, widdle Ford Escort. Manda was in the backseat with the boxes, so I was worried about her, but thankfully, she was all right (maybe a little bruised from the boxes hitting her). The other driver and I exchanged info and then all was pretty much well. We went back home, finished touch-ups, painted the closet doors, took Tif to work, put the closet doors on (after 45 minutes of fighting with them and having one door split down the middle) and THEN! We put a few things back in their places and started building my new desk. ^_^ Went to pick up Tif, she built her chair, she and Manda built her desk, I fussed with my computer wires and got all pissy... Then Manda disappeared and I hurt Tif's feelings and Tif hurt my feelings and I cried and PMS'd a bunch and then Manda came and got me and we moved my furniture back into the room and then me and Tiffy made up and went to sleep.

*takes a breath*

Today, I woke up and hated the way my room looked. XD Well, not true.. I LOVED the color, I just wasn't sure about the positioning of the furniture. I didn't know what I didn't like until my mom mentioned stuff about the dresser being too close to the door and such... I took what she said into consideration, but I just couldn't see any other way to make things work. So, while Manda and Tif were doing... something (can't remember what ^^;;), I was busying myself thinking. Ah-heh... and after I thought for a bit, we ended up rearranging the ENTIRE room! :D As much work as it was, though, I'm so very happy we did it. The room looks a lot more spacious and organized.

So, then I took Tif to work and I took Manda home... but on the way back to my house, my car started overheating and making a scary tapping sound in the engine. Luckily, there was a lot of traffic due to road construction so I wasn't too worried about holding things up with my stalled car. I pulled to the right a little and turned my emergency lights on and people proceeded to go around me. Then I moved the orange cones out of the way, put my car in neutral, and pushed my way into the construction zone. ^^; Didn't want to stop traffic further, and besides, there were no workers there at the time and no work was being done in that area. Waited for an hour, then my mom finally showed up (traffic was HEAVY), AAA showed up about half an hour after that, and we were on our way to Diamond Bar Auto. They're going to look at my car in the morning. We have no idea what could be wrong with it.

Came home, watched Commander in Chief (pretty decent show, so far), put my computer together, and here I am!

So... yeah, exciting weekend. :D *dies*
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